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December 14, 2008


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I am an accountant for a construction company, newly hired and new to the industry. I am looking for an accounting software that suits the nature of work (progress billing, subcontractor, etc). I am not sure what kinds of report required for the accounting department (for ex: progress of the project, job cost, financial statements at year end). Besides these, do I need any specific reports?

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Eyeglass lenses are commonly made from plastic, including CR-39 and polycarbonate. These materials reduce the danger of breakage and weigh less than glass lenses. Some plastics also have more advantageous optical properties than glass, such as better transmission of visible light and greater absorption of ultraviolet light.[1] Some plastics have a greater index of refraction than most types of glass; this is useful in the making of corrective lenses shaped to correct various vision abnormalities such as myopia, allowing thinner lenses for a given prescription.

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Does anyone remember the bright multi-colored aluminum glasses from the 1950s or so? They came in sets of multiple colors. Are they safe to drink out of?

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Hey Very tempting pics I like to gift this for coming 31st december To my all clients.
Thanks for suggesting right gift for client and favorite person. keep posting such ideas about gift.


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A problem? – I worry about the charming chef’s tobacco addiction – he should live a long life – he’s does good stuff, but at the rate he puffing them down, who knows?

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Agreed. Some folks use push/pull, and some of this comes from the "permission markeitng" concept from Seth Godin from about a decade ago. I also agree with you that social media and the ability to have a conversation (like this one) change the game. So maybe we need a new term?

You have some good points, and the best one might be that I prefer to debate less and do more marketing! If you are ever in Boston, look me up and I'll give you a tour of the HubSpot offices and buy you a coffee.

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That is why i love the holidays!

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