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February 24, 2009


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Loved this post--and the discovery of a new, reasonably-priced sparkler.

Although reading it did give rise to the question: what did the Obamas eat? (Must've been good if the Mrs. took home a doggie bag...) And what did YOU eat?


oops--sorry--just reread and saw there's no info on what they drank OR ate. I asked because I'm curious about examples of the cuisine--and I want to know what you ate with your Viognier.

Callie Crossley

At some point I figure the folks at TMZ will coax somebody into sharing the President's menu selections when he and Mrs. Obama are out on the town.
Until then, we'll all have to wonder.

I reverted to my Southern roots and enjoyed Chef Smith's take on pan seared catfish with braised collards on rich cream grits. The catfish had a bit of spice as I recall which was nice with the floral quality of the Vigonier, and enough minerality to balance the creamy grits. Viognier is one of the best food friendly wines. It's a good match for a wide variety of foods. Be careful though it tends to have a greater percentage of alcohol than a lot of other white wines.

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