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Callie Crossley’s pals think it is hilarious that a woman for whom jug wine once indicated a special occasion is now the de facto sommelier for friends and family.

If she had to choose, Callie would likely pick a red wine as her favorite-- Zinfandel first, Pinot Noir second. But now Callie finds it fun to sample all kinds of wines; her wine racks also hold bottles of Rose’, Champagne(the real stuff), and Port, but very little Chardonnay. (Callie is a charter member of the ABC club --Anything But Chardonnay).

The Oscar® nominated television producer likes to cook, so she’s delighted that her wine education has helped enhance her ability to match food with wine. She’s from Memphis so she knows what REAL BBQ is, and what wine goes with it. She’d be happy to share the wine, but her lips are sealed about the ultra secret barbeque recipes.

This self confessed former "rotgut" wine drinker is now evangelical in her effort to recruit new wine enthusiasts. These days she's talking about wine on the radio, and blogging about wine.

For this busy TV and radio commentator, a chilled-but-not-cold Viognier is the perfect antidote to writer’s block.


a good book, a great glass of wine, a sunset on martha's vineyard. ain't life fine.